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Aerial Inspections

Some buildings, architecture and land needs to be regularly inspected to comply with current legislation. Inspections cannot always take place using the conventional methods due to various factors such as size, location, hazards etc. This is where our professional pilots can access those hard to reach areas to save you time, money and provide you with a crystal clear inspection.


Digital mapping & 3D imaging

Our digital drone mapping services cover multiple sectors, mainly construction, real estate, agriculture to name just a few. Mapping can provide many benefits such as providing construction companies updates of ongoing works to enabling farmers to analyse the condition and health of their crops before even jumping into a tractor


Photography & Videography Services

As well as commercial inspection and surveying works we also carry out photography and videography services for our clients. Showcasing your business/project from a new perspective can help generate more interest and help bring in new customers.


Construction Progress

Taking on a new construction project can be a very daunting task, especially if the construction site is complex. Progress on jobs like these can be hard to track especially at ground level. Our pilots can provide regular progress updates in the form of photographs and videos to help keep your project on track


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