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Point Of Ayr Lighthouse

Location: Talacre Beach, North Wales

Type of Project: Building Inspection

Date Completed: 2019

Point of Ayr lighthouse is a grade 2 listed building situated on Talacre beach in North Wales, close to the seaside town of Prestatyn. It was built in 1776 to warn ships that they were about to enter the Dee and Mersey Estuary. The lighthouse remained active for over 100 years until it’s closure in 1883.

Structures like these, pose particular problems when carrying out an inspection. The first problem is the height. To safely reach the top of the structure would require specialist access equipment such as a scaffold or electric platform such as a cherry picker.

Whilst erecting a scaffold around the lighthouse would be possible, it would also be quite costly. Using an electric platform to access the structure would also be a problem due to soft sand surrounding the lighthouse.

This is were we come in. Our drones can carry out a detailed, high quality inspection of the lighthouse in less than half the time with less staff involved. Also by inspecting remotely we also increase safety over more traditional methods.

Carrying out a building inspection like this will enable our clients to assess any building work that may be needed, before making any expensive decisions.


Sample Images


Edited Cinematic Drone Footage


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